Cradle Coast eHealth

The Cradle Coast Electronic Health Information Exchange (eHIE) for North West Tasmania is a collaborative project of the UTAS Rural Clinical School, General Practice North West, the North West Area Health Service, and the Cradle Coast Authority.  The project is laying the groundwork for secure, electronic sharing of patient health information between GPs, hospitals and allied health providers in the region. It also aims to drive adoption and continuous improvement of the region’s health information systems.

The project carries a shared local vision elicited from local GPs, specialists, consumers, and North West Area Health Services.

Display cabinets for discerning tastes

Display cabinets for discerning tastes

I am an artist, and I love challenges, so when I had the opportunity to set up a trade show for a certain set of services that catered to artists, I leaped at the opportunity. In my mind, I would set it up like the grand art salons of France from the middle of the last century. However, these were jewelry artists so my challenge became greater than I thought I could manage.

So I contacted a friend who owned a franchise of a very large national jewelry chain and picked his brain for the best way to display cabinets this type of art of which I was familiar because I had been to jewelry artist shows before, but these were often held in studios, and I wanted to display the jewelry as emotionally moving art pieces and not showcase the artists as much. The jewelry was exquisite, and I got paid per sale, so I really wanted to showcase the items to up my bottom line.

My jeweler friend had but one suggestion, and this was to purchases or rent display cabinets for the jewelry that would showcase the jewelry nicely, and these display cabinets could be placed in front of each jeweler, so they could basically sell their businesses through individual pieces. However, I was more concerned about my sales, so I went hunting for display cabinets that would do the trick.

I did not know that display cabinets came in such a variety that I really had to have a designer decide which type of display cabinets that could epitomize the appeal of the jewelry, and the artists who made it. I made a choice of cabinets that had fabric lined insides with a velvet type of appearance. Additionally, they were back lit so they flooded the jewelry with a soft light. The show came off with no problems, and the sales were through the roof.